Acquaer 115-Volt, 1/4 HP, 2250 GPH, Automatic, Submersible, Swimming Pool Cover Pump with 25ft Power Cord

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What issues can occur if pool covers don't drain water?

Clearing the accumulated water on a pool cover is an important measure to maintain water quality, pool equipment, and the cleanliness of the surrounding environment.



t will automatically turn on when the water has been detected at 2 ''. When the pump removes water to approximately 2/5 ", the pump will run for additional 60 seconds and then turn off.

High Speed Flow

1/4 HP pool cover pump moves up to 2250 gallons per hour, which drains up to 2 times faster than a standard pump.

Corrosion Resistant

The pool Cover pumps use corrosion-resistant materials for Core parts that are exposed to fluids, including the impeller, casing, motor frame, outer cover, and strainer stand.

Low Noise

A pool cover pump with low noise characteristics contributes to its reliability, longevity, safety, and environmental compliance, making it more desirable in various contexts.

Thermal Overload Protector

This protects the motor from potential damage, reduces fire risk, and prolongs the equipment's lifespan.

Multiple Applications

Great for removing water from pools, pool covers, tarps, window wells, hot tubs, boat covers, rooftops, spas, and more.

Worked great after snowfall
Pumps quickly
Get the recommended hose and check valve.

" I'm a new pool owner and the pool build was finished in the fall, so I bought this pump due to its reviews. It worked as expected but I was curious how it would manage through snow. Well, it did great and my curiosity was satisfied. Great pump! Quiet and Dependable. Never know it's running, water's always gone! "


Meet the Acquaer Pool Cover Pump