After Sale Policy

1. After-Sales Service Policy – General Terms and Conditions

The Acquaer product after-sales policy only applies to the original purchaser for personal or professional use. The after-sales policy does not apply if the product is resold to another party.

1.1 Service Scope

Warranty coverage includes repairs, replacements, and returns for products having performance malfunctions under normal use or material, process, or manufacturing defects, provided that the product is within the warranty period. The warranty period for the product starts from the purchase date shown on your receipt.

1.2 After-Sales Service Request

Please contact the appropriate Acquaer after-sales service team if the product does not perform as described or intended during the warranty period.

Acquaer may not be able to provide after-sales services outside of our service network, and the after-sales service policy may vary based on location. Services outside the regular service scope may be subject to special handling costs. Please contact Acquaer for area-specific information.

1.3 Acquaer’s Solutions

Always be prepared to clearly describe the product problem in detail when contacting Acquaer.

Acquaer technical support engineers will try diagnosing and resolving your problem via telephone, email, or remote assistance.

If you are required to send the product to the after-sales center designated by Acquaer for further inspection if your problem cannot be resolved via telephone, email, or software updates, Acquaer will provide a warranty service based on the warranty covering the product. The service types are specified in the after-sales service list below.

1.4 Product & Parts Replacement

If the warranty service involves the replacement of the actual product or any of its parts, the product and parts replaced shall become Acquaer’s property, and the replacement product or parts shall become your property. The warranty does not cover altered Acquaer products and parts.

Replacement products or parts provided by Acquaer may not be new; however, they should be in like-new working condition and perform the same as what is being replaced. The replacement product or parts are covered by the same warranty under the original product’s remaining warranty period. The replacement product will have a different SN than your original product or parts.

1.5 Use of Personal Contact Information

Authorizing the warranty service, under these terms, means you authorize Acquaer to store and use your contact information, including your name, phone number, email address, and return address. Acquaer may use the information to provide the services under this Policy. We may also contact you as a service follow-up and ask whether you are satisfied with our services. We may also contact you regarding future product safety issues.

1.6 Exceptions

This After-Sales Service Policy does not cover the following circumstances:

● The warranty of the product has already expired.
● There is a failure or damage caused by misuse, accident, alteration, improper physical or operational environments, force majeure, power surges, or improper maintenance or storage.
● It is determined that any wear and tear, discoloration, and consumption of the product that may occur is due to normal use.
● There is a failure caused by consumables that wear out over time unless it is determined that the failure is otherwise caused by a material or manufacturing defect.
● A valid warranty certificate or original purchase receipt cannot be provided. The product’s SN label shows signs of tampering, replacement, or alteration. The product does not have a SN, or the product model or number on the warranty certificate does not match the actual product.
● It is determined that the product was not operated in accordance with the accompanying instructions and operating manual, or was used in a way or exposed to an environment that it was not designed for, or any other unforeseen circumstances determined by Acquaer.

1.7 Limitations of Liability

Acquaer is only responsible for product losses or damages if the product is in Acquaer’s possession or being transported by Acquaer.

1.8 Other Rights

This warranty offers you additional specific rights. You may also have other statutory rights based on applicable laws in your country, area, or jurisdiction. You may also have other rights provided in your written agreement with Acquaer. Nothing in this warranty will affect statutory rights that cannot be waived or limited by contract, including rights granted to consumers under laws or regulations governing the sales of consumer goods.

2. After-Sales Service Types

Acquaer offers the following after-sales services under warranty: returns, replacements, and repairs. Please contact aAcquaer after-sales service center or an authorized Acquaer agent for more information.

2.1 Return or Replacement

You may request a return or replacement if one of the following conditions is met:

  • You find that the product is materially different from the product description in one or more respects within 30 calendar days of receiving the product.
  • You find that the product has a manufacturing defect within 30 calendar days of receiving the product.

We have the right to refuse your replacement request in the following circumstances:

  • Your replacement request is made later than 30 calendar days from the date you receive the product.
  • You fail to provide any proof of purchase or receipts or if the receipt appears altered when you are requesting a product replacement.
  • The product is returned incomplete or has visible damages due to neglect or misuse.
  • The returned product is found to have no quality defects after being tested by the Acquaer technical support engineer.
  • You fail to send the product back to Acquaer within 15 calendar days after confirming the replacement service.
  • You fail to provide proof of damage issued by the shipping company for the product damaged in transportation during the replacement process.

 Any other circumstances outlined in the policy.

2.2 Repair

You may request a product repair for any performance malfunctions occurring within the valid product warranty period. Please refer to the warranty period form for major product components for details.

Free warranty repairs will only be provided if the following conditions are met:

  • There are design malfunctions that impact performance while the product has been used normally during the warranty period since the time of purchase.
  • There are no visible signs of unauthorized disassembly, alteration, or application not covered in official instructions or manuals.
  • A valid proof of purchase, receipt, and order number is provided.

The following are not covered by the free warranty service:

  • Damage caused by non-product quality defects, including damage from being dropped, impact damage, and other physical damage.
  • Damage caused by unauthorized alteration, disassembly, or opening of the case that is not covered in official instructions or manuals.
  • Damage caused by self-repair or parts installed in a manner not covered in official instructions or manuals.
  • Damage caused by unauthorized alteration of circuits or mismatch or misuse of the batteries and chargers in a manner not covered by official instructions or manuals.
  • Failure to send the product back to Acquaer within 15 calendar days after confirming the repair service.

2.3 Supplementary Notes

Return, replacement, and repair services during the warranty period may vary based on products and locations.

We will charge appropriate inspection fees, replacement parts fees, testing fees, labor fees, and logistics fees accordingly if the product repair is not covered by the warranty (an example would be accidental damage to the product).

You shall assume all losses due to an incorrect shipping address provided or if the recipient refuses to accept the parcel.

Acquaer may not be able to provide repair services for severely damaged products it deems uneconomical to repair and will provide replacement services instead. Please acknowledge this before deciding whether to return a product.